Community Internet Café

We have a space for our community to access technology and the internet, an open Internet Café. Often those on the margins have a tough time finding and applying for jobs, looking for housing, learning new skills, etc. since most publicly available resources have limitations on how and when you may use their computers.


Here are some frequent obstacles we help to overcome:
  • Most job searches and applications are online, and 1 hour to browse in a public library simply isn’t enough time to both research and apply for jobs.
  • It’s difficult to complete online tutorials or take regular online classes to build skills when operating within a time limit, or from a mobile device rather than a laptop or desktop.
  • Libraries often require IDs and/or library cards, which presents yet another roadblock to those who may be missing these items.
  • With access to free WiFi, like in a coffee shop or bookstore, one may not have the right device to be productive nor the funds to support the location as a paying customer. These folks may often be unwelcome and seen as loitering on the property.

Here’s how you can help our Internet Café right now:

  • Donate computer hardware and peripherals including: New/used/easily fixable computers, laptops, monitors, keyboards, etc.
  • Long-term internet service donations
  • Like fixing computers? Donate your time to help refurbish and repair used hardware!
  • Donate online

You can bring your computer donations directly to BeLoved at 39 Grove Street, Asheville NC 28801. Pull in the driveway or out front with your flashers on and ring the doorbell; items will be received at any time.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you’d like to help in ways we’ve not listed – we welcome all ideas, and appreciate your interest and support!